The Legend of Zelda: Unknown Origins

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The Legend of Zelda: Unknown Origins

Post  Jak on Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:58 pm

"You better hurry, this twilight is not merciful on the body" the shadow mockingly warned as the hero ran along the stone path, parts of the path falling to the endless darkness below, for the black barrier around The Great Deku Tree. Once safe, the hero saw his closest friends, bloodied and dying, laying against the tree.

The Great Deku Tree, with his dying breath, said "Link... save us..."

"remember who you are"


  • This rp is based off of a fan series on Youtube of the same name
  • Hyrule has changed of the years. Kokiri now stop aging in their teens, Kokiri forest is now called Kokiria and has grown quite large with a stone valley carved around The Great Deku Tree with a single small path to it, Lake Hylia is now The Hylia Oasis in Gerudo Desert, Zora are dying out, Gorons are thinner and their city is over populated, Castle Town has become Castle City with many tall houses and inns, Hylians are all but extinct, Sheikah have become bedtime stories used to scare children into behaving, and bearing a piece of The Triforce is considered a curse due to what people call the 'Time War'(The events of Ocarina of Time)
  • Zora have found out a way to use water magic. With this magic they still supply people with water
  • Due to an unknown force, Curtains of Twilight fall over Hyrule at night and last until daybreak. It is thanks to Princess Zelda's magic that Castle City and Hyrule Castle are safe from Twilight at night. This has yet to happen when the rp starts but begins soon after
  • When the trouble starts(signified by the characters finding Dark Nuts that have grown 4x larger) the descendants of important people of the past(Link, Zelda, Saria, Impa, etc.) begin to remember their ancestors lives. When in trouble a memory may flash before the descendant and they may take an item from that memory to aid them. When this happens their eyes go white and they enter a trance-like state. When the descendant is safe the item disappears and their eyes return to normal, ending the trance


  1. No godmod, godmode, godmodel, or powerplay
  2. You don't have to be a descendant. Feel free to make up a totally unique character
  3. Sheikah are not gone, but please avoid making every character a Sheikah. Or Hylian for that matter.
  4. Magic is reserved for Zora and Zelda
  5. For simplicity's sake please stick to humanoid anscestors. No descendant of Morpha or Gohma
  6. Any questions, just ask me

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Salfee and The King

Post  Jak on Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:51 am

Salfee hesitantly entered the throne room of Hyrule Castle and bowed before the king. When the king motioned for Salfee to rise he did so and said "y-y-your highness, I am here to d-deliver the report you requested f-from The Great Deku Tree" The King smiled warmly and said "there is no need to be so nervous. Come, what have you to report"

"W-well your highness, it is nothing good I'm afraid. The Mad Scrubs of the forest have grown four times larger, no one is allowed to leave the home and recreational areas now. The Lost Woods have become even more treacherous, the trees are all twisted and withered, and wolfos are now running rampant. On my way here I had to fend off an entire pack of them.

Some Kokiri have gone missing, Saria and Link among them. In our dreams we... hear the screams of those that were taken... We have no way to save them, we don't even know where they are or how we hear them. Some claim to have seen the spirits of the taken Kokiri walking into The Lost Woods."

The King sighed heavily and said "I see, anything else?" Salfee hesitated before replying "i-it's more so on a personal note, but... there have been whispers of a certain someone from my family returning. I know he has been sealed away, but if I have his..." The King got up from his throne, walked up to Salfee, and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. He looked Salfee in the eye and asked "Have you used it, or made it known you have it?"
"N-No! If course not!"
"Then you have nothing to fear"
"You are nothing like him. You could have hidden it, but instead you came straight to me, knowing full well that many would want your head to end the line forever. You could have used it to force your rule over the Kokiri, but instead you keep it wrapped in bandages and out of sight. I would trust no other descendant of him with such a thing" The King gave a reassuring squeeze of his shoulder. Salfee nodded, but stayed silent

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