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No More Heroes

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In the Kingdom of Marinth, Heroes in ancient times sealed away a powerful evil, but years later that seal is breaking and monsters have begun to invade. It is up to those who are brave enough to seek out the heroes of old throughout the seven lands and invoke their power to destroy this great evil once and for all

Seven Lands

  • Fok'Rith - Land of Fire. A large desert with a few villages here and there, the only city having been destroyed years ago.
  • Dikoji - Land of Darkness. A land of eternal night. Not that it matters since the trees and gnarled branches blot out the sky. No one dares venture there after a skilled adventurer disappeared in the darkness years ago.
  • Fathur - Land of Purity. At first glance one would think that the people of Fathur were poor, nothing is made with stone and much of the houses that have been made are covered by growing vines, but this is just the way of the people. Be at peace with everything but true darkness
  • Marak - Land of Unity and center of Marinth. A true fortress. The land is surrounded by thick walls and 24/7 sentries. Marak is home to Queen Mara in castle Fir'ko. This is where the first Daemon was born.
  • Jathun - Land of Forests. The people of this land live as one with the forest, building their homes in them and hunting only out of necessity. This is the homeland of the Fae Race.
  • Yaseer - Land of Fertility. Yaseer has a few farming hamlets here and there, though recently have had to turn from farming and on to swordsmanship to protect their homes from monsters.
  • Karith - Land of Steel. An underground civilization with homes dug out into the very walls of the mine the people dig

Seven Heroes and Demons

  • Kind Hero - Demon of Rage
  • Fallen Hero - Demon of Temptation
  • Serene Hero - Demon of Chaos
  • Devoted Hero - Demon of Lust
  • Cleansing Hero - Demon of Smog
  • Sowing Hero - Demon of Reaping
  • Forgiving Hero - Demon of Revenge

1) The Usual
2) Magic is strictly elemental, the exceptions being Light and Dark magics. Light is primarily healing with little to offer offense-wise. Dark magic is a corrupting magic that preys on the mind. Dark magic practitioners can also use stronger forms of the other elements, this is called 'Cracked' magic. Cracked magic can be identified by its unusual color. Dark magic is fueled by either one of two things: the practitioners life, or their sanity. Light magic is rarely used because it is seen as weak in these times, and there is no one left to teach anyone Dark magic(My character Pon can teach anyone that wants their character to use Dark magic)
2) There are three races in Marinth:
The Fae - A race of humanoids with insect-like wings, pointed ears, and intricate birthmarks. Treated like third-class citizens everywhere outside their homelands, they usually cannot get hired for most jobs and end up becoming thieves or assassins if they aren't sold into slavery. The only time a regular person would care about a Fae is if they heard they were sold into slavery, while a few people see no problem with this most are highly against it.
Daemons - Pitch black shadows with fiery eyes and flaming hair. These master magicians are born from stones after being submerged in a specific element for 11 days. Whatever element they were born in is the element of magic they can master. Daemons speak telepathically but can make noises akin to laughing or grunts. Non-Daemon can find their speech pattern a bit odd and hard to follow at times(Think Jar Jar Binks, though some can speak a bit clearer)
Humans - Plain, boring humans

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