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Terra Nova

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Long ago, before humans learned to survive on their own they lived along side creatures known as "The Eldar". Humans shared their innovations with The Eldar while The Eldar protected humans from predators.That all changed around the 1500s when war broke out between Eldar and Humans. Some Eldar sacrificed humanity for power to win the war in what would later be known as The Parting.

Humans have now forgotten, content in their cities and homes. But The Eldar still exist, living in hidden villages and protecting humans from The Parted. But, recent rumors say there is a stone that can be used to create a new world. No one knows where the stone is, but The Parted are after it so The Eldar must find out what The Parted are planning and stop them.

Their only clue: "The blood of The Shepard, The Hawk, and The Knight gather, then they shall guide the way to Terra Nova"

The Eldar *The Parted are just evil versions of these races
Despite their reputation, Succubi and Incubi are not 'sex fiends' nor do they use sex for anything other than reproduction. These creatures feed harmlessly on spiritual energy with other Eldar and humans alike through chaste kisses, thus the unpleasant reputation. The only way to tell if someone is a Succubus or Incubus is their tribal-like birthmarks, usually located on the upper arms, shoulder blades, or the abdomen.

The proper and polite name for Half-Bloods, Cambion are the children of Eldar and Humans. Cambion vary in appearance, from vaguely human to completely human with odd birthmarks and heightened skills. Though children of humans and Parted are technically Cambion, everyone calls them Tainted or Blight-Bloods.

Eldar with the upper body of a human and the lower body a snake, Naga can live as diversely as humans but five times as long. They are also unique in the sense that male Naga carry and lay eggs while females protect the homes, this is because Naga were killed to near extinction and evolved this way to allow female Naga to be ready for mating sooner. Naga can lay up to 12 eggs per birthing, though most Naga fear most eggs won't hatch. Usually only 2-3 of the eggs laid hatch, but on rare occasion 7 or all 12 hatch.

Nosferatu are the most human of The Eldar, the only physical difference them being their teeth. All Nosferatu follow 'The Grand Mother', the oldest of all Nosferatu, who has lead many generations and taught them the way of peace and harmony. They drink blood, but never forcefully. Permission is always sought before drinking blood and never is someone drained to the point of serious blood loss.Nosferatu are often mistaken for undead, but their hearts simply beat slower than humans(giving them cold skin and such).

Eldar that resemble a mix between a mouse and kangaroo, Jax acted as mounts during the war and on occasion still do. They are a peaceful race of dancers and fortunetellers. Jax clothing resemble a cross between Gypsy and Native Indian outfits. When acting as a mount the Jax run on all fours and the rider holds on to the thick fur that grows on the Jax back. They are usually taller than the average human. They have large mousish ears, long tails that end in a tuft of fur, and pink noses. Their large ears are quite sharp, enabling them to hear far better than any of the other Eldar. Their fur can sometimes be different colors, but the most common colors are white, grey, black and the rarer brown. Jax blood is a thick, blue substance that allows them to regenerate at a rapid rate. It is a key ingredient in making healing potions and has saved many lives, both human and Eldar. Jax give birth to litters of 5-6 babies.

A race of humanoids with iridescent dragonfly wings, pointed ears, and intricate birthmarks. Fae act as scouts, spies, and during times of peace they help with harvesting and hunting food. Generally Fae mentally mature fast, their parents usually being targeted by The Parted to either kill, convert, or enslave. Fae aren't always trusted due to the lack of physical difference between an Eldar Fae and a Parted Fae.

Pitch black shadows with fiery eyes and flaming hair. These master magicians are born from stones after being submerged in a specific element for 11 days. Whatever element they were born in is the element of magic they can master. Daemons speak telepathically but can make noises akin to laughing or grunts. There are no Light or Shadow Daemons, but there are Fire, Earth, Electric, Water, Wind, and Ice Daemon.


  1. The Usual
  2. No Parted, Tainted/Blight-Bloods are fine
  3. The Shepard, The Hawk, and The Knight refer to bloodlines of a shepard/guide, an assassin/redeemer, and hero/protector respectively. First come, first serve. These characters can be Eldar, Cambion, or Human so have fun!
  4. Speaking of fun, guess what goes here Cool

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