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Left B Hind

Post  Jak on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:36 pm

"If I can do something for my family and those who have already lost loved ones to this infection then I'll pay any price"
- Unknown (Kyo before being infected)
Name: Kyo
Age: 19
Height: 5' 10"
Immune/Carrier: Infected (hunter)
Appearance: Same as any other hunter, but has black hair with bangs that slightly cover his amber eyes. His eyes have scars over them from when he tried to claw them out.

Bio: Kyo was intentionally infected by CEDA for an experiment to regain the minds of the infected. CEDA stopped Kyo from clawing his eyes away which kept him from gaining the excellent hearing and echolocation of regular hunters. The other infected under the experiment perished. Kyo tried to escape, but was injected before he could. As he leapt from roof to roof he slowly began to regain a sense of self, but the progress was limited.
Other: The only infected to survive experimentation. Kyo communicates slightly with actual words (though it comes out very strained and morphed) but mostly uses signal growls and hand signs
Tank (Tonka)
Tank heard: Freeze
Tank near: whimper with a growl undertone
Witch (Wah)
Witch heard: Sniffle
Witch near: Deep in the throat growl
Smoker (Somah)
Smoker heard: Cough
Smoker near: Air going over the vocal cords
Hunter (Aunta)
Hunter heard: One hand up, other hand motioning for silence, ear up
Hunter near: Flattens body to the ground
Boomer (Bompa)
Boomer heard: Gags
Boomer near: tsk tsk tsk tsk (Ticking with his tongue)
Jockey (Joka)
Jockey heard: Pulls on the others sleeves to get the to crouch
Jockey near: Starts to snarl at no one (He's trying to scare it off)
Charger (Chaka)
Charger heard: Oof
Charger near: Pushes everyone against walls
Spitter (Pitta)
Spitter heard: Head low, looks at rooftops
Spitter near: Ssssssssss
Jake (Jaack): awkward 'air rifle' held at his abdomen
'Out of regular territory': Snarls, readies to pounce, digs his claws into the ground like a cat kneading
'Where?': Sniffs the air while doing hand signals (ie: Sniff + 'air riffle' = where is Jacob?)

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Jacob Starling

Post  Rifter on Fri Feb 01, 2013 3:17 pm

Name: Jacob Starling
Age: 20
Height: 6' 0"
Immune/Carrier: Immune

Bio: Jacob's life up until the infection was rather odd as his father was a general and was brought up under a military lifestyle. From when he could walk his father trained him in hand-to-hand & melee combat, firearms, and survival. Because of his training he didn't have many friends; he was simply too rigid and cold for anyone to get to know him. Such high-stress was his life, that his hair turned prematurely white/grey. Jacob knows the pain of loss as when the infection hit, his father ended up turning into a Tank and mother into a Spitter; he ended up having to kill them both with his father's Beretta 92 pistol, which was meant to be his inheritance ironically. Raided his father's stockpile for the second Beretta he carries and the FN SCAR rifle, plus the ammo for all of the guns. Carries several cartridges in the pockets of the forest green trench coat he wears (helps with camouflage when he's in the forest) and the rest in his backpack, which carries the rest of his survival gear. Lived in the rural New York area, but has made his way to Canada as he heard of a military evacuation there, but it turned out to be a red herring.
Other: Carries a machete on his belt. Normally silent unless he has something important to say. In a pocket of his backpack, he carries a military satellite phone, but for some reason it barely works, he keeps it with him just in case.

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Kathrine Hawthorne

Post  Jak on Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:10 am

Name: Kathrine Hawthorne
Age: 17
Height: 5' 11"
Immune/Carrier: Immune

Bio: Kathrine and her brother Adrian lived with their father and mother in a comfortable house in the city. Their father was a former military man, retired after two tours. When the infection hit their father spoke with Adrian alone, giving him his old uniform and telling him to protect the girls no matter what. As the family made their way through the city they were cornered by two Witches. Adrian got Kathrine away, but had to hold her back as the two children watched their parents ripped to shreds. During a horde attack they got seperated. Now Kathrine is on a mission to find her brother
Other: Kathrine finds a way around infected rather than fight (this will change once she's with Jake and Kyo)

Note: I may bring Adrian into the rp. At the very least Kathrine will be able to contact him later on.

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Re: Left B Hind

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