The World Ends With You

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The World Ends With You

Post  Jak on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:27 pm

So, I introduced myself, but there are sooooo many people in Silver Bell City! It wouldn't be much of a city with just me! I'll tell you about a few, but some of them will have to introduce themselves

This is me and my brother, Phoenix Hart. I know what you think 'Phoenix is a bird, not a name!' but it totally is a name! I think it's Italian or something. Anyway, as you probably guessed, me and Phoenix are twins. He wants to die his hair so we don't look so similar, but I think we look so CUTE this way! I guess I went a bit too far with the mani-pedi treatment I gave him tee hee!

Oops, getting off track. My bad! Well, as you know, my name is Phoebe Hart. A 17 year old, 5' 8" tall high school student and Zombie Hunter. Me and my family have moved all over the world because of our job as hunters. My Dad doesn't exact tell people what he does, but he doesn't hide it either. Mom doesn't tell people because she doesn't want to be locked up for being CRAZY! She always says 'if we get locked away, who will go on the hunt? There are only so many of us'. Phoenix doesn't tell the school what we do, and he helps with my cover stories when I need them. I WOULD help him with his, but he doesn't need my help.

A few years ago I met this TOTALLY hot guy. What was really awesome was he totally accepted that I was a hunter! One night though... We had a little accident

This is Greg Fitzgerald. A 19 year old, 6' 7" tall librarians assistant. We met in the school library when I was totally freaking over an assignment in English we were given. He helped me pick a book and even stayed calm when I panicked. He was sooo COOL!

We ended up dating for a few months, then he found out about the hunting. Some zombies surrounded me at the park and one was sneaking up on me! As I turned around I saw Greg kick the zombie's head clean off! I had to destroy the head because he didn't know it had to be destroyed, but still!

*Dreamy sigh* he was so brave... We talked for a bit, and he said he was totally cool with my being a Zombie Hunter! We were about to kiss when all of a sudden he whirls me around and he got bit! There's no cure for Zombies so... rather than let him become one... we both agreed it was best to just... kill him then and there... If you stab the heart before the venom does too much damage then the person that was bitten will not rise as a zombie.

I used to visit his grave every night, but someone dug him up! I tried to find who did it, but the douche-bag who did it didn't leave a trail to follow. What would they want with his body? If they bring him back and he isn't my Greg I swear I'll KILL them!


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Lucien Wolfe

Post  Rifter on Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:46 pm

Name: Lucien Wolfe
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 9"

Bio: A senior at Silver Bell High. A bit of an oddball, which often got him picked on by the other seniors and a select few lower classmen, but didn't really care. All that mattered was his job, destroying the undead. The only family he had was his father, his mother having fallen prey to the bite of a zombie. His father didn't want her to come back and take advantage of his love for her, so he ended her before the venom could take her fully. At this point, he began to train Lucien in dealing with the abominations. Lucien excelled in martial weapons, particularly those that were effective at cutting and were lightweight, like the Japanese katana. He was also very fast on his feet and somewhat acrobatic thanks to his father's training. His father is currently away on a 'business' trip.
Other: Socially inept. When Lucien is busy with school and/or destroying the rotting corpses of the previously deceased, he studies them to try and find a way to be rid of them completely, but more importantly why the dead are coming back. It's not going so well... Has a thin, ropy scar on his jaw from one of his test subjects not being fully gone again.

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