Enemy Within

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Enemy Within

Post  Jak on Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:14 pm

Many years ago the human race faced a zombie apocalypse. That is, until the rise of Rezo Corporation. Rezo corp swept across the nation, collecting the undead and saving the day. At the time there was no sight as relieving as the Rezo corp White Coats.

Now, Rezo corp stores are the only source of everyone's new favorite pet: Zombys! These lovable pals have made their way into nearly every home as pets, live-in babysitters, and manual laborers. It is commonplace to see zombys running errands and escorting children to and from school. Better still is the fact that Zombys are immortal! Simply feed them raw meat and let them rest 2-3 days and they're up again.

But, as some unknowing people will discover, Rezo corp has hidden some dark secrets in their off-site facility: the origins of the undead, torture chambers, a private army, and a twisted vision.



  • Undead have 3 distinctive characteristics: bright eyes, highly noticeable veins around the face and limbs, and discolored skin(ranging from merely pale to blueish or greenish tints)
  • Raw meat does help with healing, but sugar is a lesser known alternative that next to no one knows about
  • Brains help zombies regain intellect where meat aids in healing bodies
  • Undead possess near-superhuman strength and stamina, though these traits are rarely used
  • Rezo corp Zomby Shops are similar to regular pet shops, with their 'best specimens' in bulletproof glass cages in the store windows
  • Though they usually speak in slow and simple sentences undead are capable of regular speech if properly cared for
  • Undead aren't actually immortal. If not properly cared for they will begin to rot
  • The heart of an undead beats half as fast as a living heart


  • This is a 1900s-esque steampunk world. The zombie apocalypse set everything back, but society adapted
  • Air travel has been lost to all but the extremely wealthy and as such sailing has become the main means of trade with other countries(with the inevitable rise of piracy)
  • Rezo corp refuses to supply sailors with undead crewmen, only pirates bring them aboard


  1. The Usual
  2. 1 Undead character each
  3. If you want a character connected to Rezo corp just ask me for details you need that aren't here
  4. Have fun

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