Mogeko Castle

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Mogeko Castle

Post  Jak on Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:45 am

7 Floors... 7 Unique Mogeko...

Once upon a time there was a lonely, lonely soul. This soul wandered and wandered until he found himself at the edge of reality. Unable to bear his loneliness, the lonely soul created a kingdom just for him with a castle at the center.

Mogeko Castle

But the castle was empty. A kingdom of nothingness. The soul pondered, then created 7 Mogekos. They were the 7 Unique Mogekos. He named himself king and became friends with the 7 Unique Mogekos, assigning one to each floor to act as a guardian. The King made more and more Mogekos to serve him. And as time went on the king started to change...

7 Floors... 7 Unique Mogeko...

You are a high school student on a train home when you fall asleep and awaken to find the train stopped at a station you never heard of before: Mogeko Station. Can you survive the twisted trials of Mogeko Castle?

  • No godmod, godmode, or godmodel
  • The 7 Unique Mogeko are: Somewhat Strange Mogeko(SSM), Fairy Mogeko, Blood Mogeko, Hasu, Mofuko, Mocukoo, and a mystery Mogeko. Other than SSM and Mofuko, the other Unique Mogeko are relatively human looking with Mogeko ears and tails
  • Mogeko look like yellow cats that stand up-right and have thin tails like mice. Their eyes are always closed, but they can still see. They have an amazing sense of smell, but suffer hay fever so severely that some have died from it. All Mogeko have identical personalities, those that deviate are labeled defectors and executed.
  • Any questions, just ask

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