Alice: The Twisted Heart

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Alice: The Twisted Heart

Post  Jak on Wed Jun 04, 2014 12:21 am

Once upon a time, a little girl fell down a rabbit hole and her curiosity overflowed unto the world. The residents discovered the effects she had on their world and were amazed that her heart was the cause. Therefore, the tradition to search for the world’s new heart began.

“This world is mine! I control everything!” cackled the Twisted Heart as a boy ran through the now deadly forest. His hair was tugged at by every tree he passed until one tree lifted him altogether. He screamed with what little energy he had left, but it seemed to suffice because he was promptly dropped afterward. He cried out in pain as he held his now bloody leg. As his tears hit the ground he whispered in a weak voice “A-alice… come back… I… I… I don’t want to die!”

  1. The Usual
  2. 'Alice' doesn't have to be named Alice. Time is different between reality and Wonderland so the new Alice could be her daughter, or even her great grand-daughter
  3. Wonderland is very hostile. For example: the glass table that held the 'eat me' cake and 'drink me' potion has been transformed into a dragon that literally freezes you with fear if you gaze into it's eyes
  4. Some residents of Wonderland have been forced to work for The Twisted Heart, others have created an underground resistance dedicated to finding Alice and preparing to fight The Twisted Heart
  5. Have fun Cool

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