Rescue Me: From The Depths of Insanity

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Rescue Me: From The Depths of Insanity

Post  Jak on Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:56 am

Welcome to Rezo Corp.

Here at Rezo Corp., we work hard to fulfill mans one eager desire: to defy death. Our underground labs work feverishly day and night working on our experiments, from serums to biological mutations. You have been chosen as a test subject. Don't worry if you don't remember signing up or volunteering

We Didn't Ask

Rezo Corp. scientists have developed test chambers and challenges that you must complete in order to open the doors to the elevator that will take you to each floor until you reach the ground floor. The room you find yourself in presently is supplied with everything you need: food, water, flashlight, combat knife, guns, and ammunition.
Good Luck!

Angels: These undead appear as normal people at first, usually crying or laughing to themselves, but this is a trap. Once someone approaches them angels whirl around and reveal where their bodies have rotted before devouring their victim.
Banshees: With stronger lungs and vocal cords, these undead can let out a deafening scream to impede their targets and either run away or attack.
Gasbag: The skin of this undead is covered in growths that cause little spurts of green smoke and blood to ooze out when punctured. The smoke it expels gives off a putrid smell, prolonged inhalation can cause the windpipes to collapse and induce nausea.
Dusters: Showing improved intelligence, these undead pose as dead bodies until their victim is in the right spot and then attack ferociously until they or their victim is dead.
Mimics: Like Dusters, these undead are intelligent. They copy whatever they hear in the hopes of drawing victims in who think they are healing or not so far gone.
Tyrants: Enormous undead with equal muscle mass, Tyrants tear anything and anyone apart with seemingly endless rage. Like Mimics, Tyrants can speak to an extent, but this is limited to insults and demands to be released.

  1. The Usual
  2. This is a mix of Supernatural and Sci-Fi, have fun with your characters pasts Cool
  3. All characters are normal humans, sorry
  4. Have fun in general Smile

Based on: Portal, Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill
Inspired by:

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