Beyond: Two Souls

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Beyond: Two Souls

Post  Jak on Sat Feb 15, 2014 3:32 am

"What happens after we die?"
"Is their life after death?"
"Where do we go when we die?"

For centuries people have asked these questions and found no answers. That is, until some children were discovered with... unusual gifts. And problems. These children were born with spirits, or 'Entities', psychically tethered to them. This tether acts as a spiritual link between the child and their corresponding Entity that keeps the Entity bound to the child. Though the Entities can go farther away from the children in some situations, the separation causes the children excessive amounts of pain and lasting disorientation. These children were taken to The Department of Paranormal Activities(DPA) to live where they could be monitored and tested.

Only the children can see the entities and tethers, and only they can hear the entities(though they only hear ghostly sounds, no words, and have to guess by the tone what the Entity is trying to say). The Entities have the power to affect objects to a limited degree(shove/throw objects, turn electronics on and off or cause static, etc.) and can possess living people, though they cannot speak and will be ejected if touched. Extraordinarily, the Entities can also heal people from fatal injuries to a survivable state and create personal barriers for their respective child, though doing so takes much energy and leaves the Entity useless until given a chance to rest.

This story covers many years:
Childhood(8-14): DPA - Understanding The Entities and The First Incident
Teens(19-21. Not actually teens but whatever): CIA - The Final Straw and Running Away
Adulthood(22-24): Alone - Navajo and Black Sun


  1. The Usual
  2. One Entity per child, one child per rp-er. Neither the children nor the Entities don't actually know who or what the Entities are, they appear as gaseous squid-like creatures
  3. The children have their own rooms in DPA and CIA, though in DPA they are allowed to visit eachother
  4. The ages are only roundabout, your character can be older or younger
  5. Have fun Cool

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