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Beyond Fact and Fiction

Post  Jak on Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:23 am

Deep deep in the woods outside town there is an old rickety hut just outside an abandoned mine. There is a rumor that when the moon is full and the wind blows just right the charred bone wind-chimes sound and open a passage to another world in the mines. In this world one would find all the creatures and characters from fairytales and stories, from Alice in 'Wonderland' to 'The Cat in the Hat'.

When someone tests this rumor and accidentally releases all the evil from the world in the mine it falls onto them to get whoever can help them confront the evil and save their world.

  • The 'world' in the mine is actually just a single city with a few towns spread around
  • The evil that escapes ranges from simple 'evil creatures' to 'villains'
  • The story characters live very long lives, depending on how popular their story is in the normal world. Some story characters are virtually immortal due to popularity, having stopped aging and gaining the ability to survive most fatal injuries
  • Story characters that aren't creatures still refer to themselves as human

  1. The Usual
  2. The stories are limited to fairytales and Dr. Suess. Sorry, no Cujo or Indiana Jones
  3. The story characters don't have to be exactly like the story we know, go crazy ^^
  4. Have fun! Cool

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