A Song of Fate and Dreams

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A Song of Fate and Dreams

Post  Jak on Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:54 am

Inspired by and partially based on: Link

Fate: a predetermined course of events, inescapable for those bound by it, right? Then why do so many dream of other lives? Is a dream not what we are told to follow as children? Not for the clans under four houses called 'The Big Four'. For these houses, war and in-fighting is all they know and all they ever will know.

But what if a few brave souls from the houses dared to follow their dreams? Dreams of glory. Of renown. Of peace.

Houses (Head Clan. Vice-Head Clan. Servant Clan)

  • House Selene - "Believe The Moon". Symbol: A crescent moon with snowflake. Clans: Nightshade, Deathlight, Eclipse, Twili, Sea-Moon, Polaris. Main belief: phase of moon on the night of birth determines quality of life/luck/love.
  • House Ursa - "Glory and Honor". Symbol: Pawprint of a bear. Clans: Ursidae, Arctos, Malayanus, Ailurus, Lasiotus, Crowtheri. Main belief: Fight for family, honor, and glory for all or don't fight at all - there is no room for selfishness
  • House Draco - "Victory Is Us". Symbol: Serpent head baring fangs. Clans: Battle-Born, Shatter-Shield, Valkyrie, Saber-eye, Thick-skin, Keen-Blade. Main Belief: Victory is purpose, defeat is worse than any scar from battle
  • House Corona - "See The Light". Symbol: A stylized sun. Clans: Phoenix-Tail, Árvakr, Sköll, Sun-Kissed, Light-Embraced, Golden-Eyed. Main Belief: There is good in all, some just need help to see theirs

Nightshade - Very spiritual. Assigns clan members of every clan a stone or gem at birth which represents them during rituals
Deathlight - Aid in rituals. Handles funerals for every clan. Considered intimidating to all houses due to their role
Eclipse - Serves Nightshade and Deathlight faithfully. Every member wears a veil to hide their face. Only loved ones see their face
Twili - Dancers and entertainers. Double as spies during wars
Sea-Moon - Fishermen. Supply's every clan with fresh fish
Polaris - Messengers. Always sent to speak with other houses unless sensitive information is involved, then Deathlight is sent

Ursidae - Women are in charge. Men stay to protect the home and children. Each woman can claim 2 husbands, this is the norm
Arctos - Gender means nothing, skill is all that matters. This is to avoid establishing gender roles and allow better personal growth
Malayanus - Healers for House Ursa, all children learn from them
Ailurus - Only strong men get a say. Women are forbidden to fight, scrawny sons are treated as daughters and named as such
Lasiotus - Brave, fun-loving, and loyal. This clan will befriend any clan regardless of House (Think Fergus from Brave)
Crowtheri - Ambitious like Thick-Skin, but have limits as to what they consider acceptable

Battle-Born - Barbarians. Believe in strength over reason. Women with large breasts will remove them to better use a bow
Shatter-Shield - Follow this link, just ignore the last part ^^'
Valkyrie - Strongest fighters join this clan when they are too old to fight. (Think a clan for retired fighters)
Saber-eye - Miners and Blacksmiths. Only use armor and weapons they have forged
Thick-skin - Liars and backstabbers. Will make deals with other house clans if they think they can use the clan
Keen-Blade - Warriors. Only clan to know the Lost Language. Every clan member is given a sword forged the day/night they're born.

Phoenix-Tail - Passive. Believe violence cannot solve problems permanently
Árvakr - Skilled fighters. Believe in strength and cunning in equal measure
Sköll - The Prison Clan. All criminals from the four houses are given to this clan to serve the rest of their lives
Sun-Kissed - Farmers. Supply the clans with fruits and vegetables
Light-Embraced - Mages tasked with watching over Sköll Clan
Golden-Eyed - Peacekeepers and negotiators between House Corona and the other houses


  • Head Clan acts similar to a royal family for each house, Vice-Head Clan acts as advisers for the Head Clan, and Servant Clan serves both Head and Vice-Head Clans
  • Eclipse Clan, Malayanus Clan, and Valkyrie Clan are thought to be honorable clans. Sköll Clan is considered a clan for traitors, killers, and other souls in need of repentance
  • Clans under House Draco are considered cold and uncaring, but they're just more restrained when it comes to showing affection
  • Clans under House Selene use a ritual using stones and moonlight to divine fate at birth and after important events
  • Clans under House Ursa are very closely knit, their families are large and still everyone knows everyone
  • Clans under House Corona are very much against battle. Ironically, these clans have the most talented mages(though these mages are used to watch over Sköll Clan 24/7)


  1. The Usual
  2. No guns or crossbows. Technology is non-existent to these people
  3. Any questions, or if I forgot to add something, just ask/let me know


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