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Children of Magic

Post  Jak on Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:47 am

Welcome to Twinrova Academy, one of the few schools in the world where one can hone their magic talents without fear of human wrath. Here, fledgling witches live and learn together with other witches and their familiars: Cats. Along with serving their witch, cats are in charge of dealing with humans that have learned about witches with Memory Alteration and Mystique magics.

All students live on-campus, boys with boys and girls with girls, along with their cats and teachers. The academy is surrounded by forest, is hidden by an illusion spell, and is far from human society just to be safe.

  • Witch - basically human, just with the ability to cast magic spells. Witch applies to both genders, though the self-conscious will use 'Mage' or 'Wizard'
  • Cat - a witch's familiar. Cats can switch between human and feline form. Black cats(referring to fur, not skin) are treated poorly due to their association with Dark Witches(witches that have attacked humans and/or alerted humans to the existence of witches)
  • Zoan - an animal granted human form by a high-class witch. Unlike cats, they cannot switch between forms and retain some animal traits

  • Memory Alteration - CATS ONLY. magic that alters or erases memories
  • Mystique - CATS ONLY. more so a tactic than actual magic, intrigues or confuses humans enough to keep them quiet
  • Elder Magic - WITCHES ONLY. 'classic' spells and incantations
  • Wiccan Magic- WITCHES ONLY. elemental and healing focused magics
  • Physical Alteration - ZOAN ONLY. Zoan can use this magic to reclaim more of their animal traits to help them, though this tires them
  • Silent Magic - ZOAN ONLY. spells and incantations said in the mind(witches can say spells in their mind but it won't work)

  • The Usual
  • Every witch has a cat, though if you don't want to be the cat you don't have to, just make a simple profile so we know their personality and such
  • Humans don't know about witches and it is forbidden to reveal anything about witch society to humans
  • Brooms, bikes, and anything smaller can be enchanted to fly
  • Have fun Cool

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